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Recommended hardware


The recommended receipt printer for use with Boachsoft Smartmanager is the Epson TM-T88III or the Epson TM-T88IV.


Although you can connect a cashdrawer directly to the PC's serial or parallel port in Boachsoft Smartmanager the recommended way is to connect the cashdrawer to the receipt printer. Almost all receipt printers will trigger standard cash drawers from a quality manufacturer if the drawer has the correct interface. We recommend using the cashdrawer with an epson printer.


Most brand barcode scanners can be used with Boachsoft Smartmanager. We recommend barcode scanners from ZBA Inc. Examples are ZB-8110 and ZB-8150 long range CCD Scanner. Barcodes generated from the software are in code EAN.


We recommend VFD 220, Epson DM-110/210 series.


The information on this page is presented "as is" to customers to help them choose hardware for their store. No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the information presented and customers must verify the latest data from the manufacturers.

Boachsoft accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the malfunction of any products shown on this page or the inability of the products shown on this page to correctly function with Boachsoft's software.

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